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• 9/28/2013

Aaqib Wiki back!

Yippy-Kayya! Our beloved wiki has now been back from its break!
Anyone want to join?
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• 9/27/2013

Loopa23 Wiki Success

I am happy to say this wiki is finally on track after a one month break. Surely I would like to announce our new editor User:White mau5. Welcome aboard!
This wiki needs to be active and again as being an admin and crat I will make some rule decisions. 
The Aaqib Wiki has shut down and will reopen at November 9, 2013. But right now, there will be some news coming out of Aaqib Wiki with it's new news! 

Keep the wiki active!
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• 8/17/2013


We are taking a break. If you will like to make edits tell me.
Sincerly Loopa23.
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• 8/15/2013


There has been a lot of swearing and I am confused since swearing violates our rule on the Loopa23 Wiki:List of Rules
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• 8/15/2013

100 pages

We have reached 100 pages!
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