I used to like this channel with Mickey Mouse, Whinnie the Pooh and other old shows now its just dumb with the annoying reality action shows like Jessie and Hannah Montanna I heard they are bad people who do reality show and its TRUE so be careful don't act like a celebraty fan. I am warning you, there BAD. I mean ever since Shake it Up and the other shows starting this crap starting to get downhill. -___- I will rather watch MTV 2 then this dumb network but Now there acting all music this and that my friends they Phineas and Ferb is the only good show but not actually it contains too much singing that show got downhill when season 1 was over and season 4 is worser. Now they are adding a Marvel crossover and a Star Wars crossover. This is a stupid idea. Never let your kids watch this channel parents. again,I am warning you....

Terrible. Just Terrible.

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Oh Lord....

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2010-present downhill Disney

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