No swearing, you can say it as long as it doesn't offend them. But if you spam, you will be blocked for 1-month.

No cyberbullying. Person will get a 1 year block.

No useless articles. 1 week block.

No spam. 2 weeks block.

No vandalism. 1 month block

ADMINS: Do not abuse powers. Instant demotion and 1-month block. 

No abusing multiple accounts which means Indefinite block.

No sockpuppets which is 1-month block.

No abusing templates which is 2-month block.

No scary and graphic images. 3 weeks block.

Do not make work harder for editers which is a huge ban.

Make this a perfect community and not a messed up one.

Done if you do these things you get a warning then the block.  

None of this: ------->
Cuss jar

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