In this wiki there are rules creating a page as well.

Writing style

  • Using [[Like|Like]] is useless, for less work, just use [[Like]].
  • It should not be used with colored words.
  • No wiki ads, unless you are a helper of the wiki.
  • Names should be capitalized.
  • No COLORED words.
  • Headers are suppose to be ==Header== when using "Source"

Like Articles

  • All opinions should be related to the article.
  • All opinions should be a limit to 5 sentences long.
  • There should be no stubs because those are opinions.
  • Use proper grammer and good spelling.

The same goes for Hate Articles, except some.

Talk pages

  • It should be no spams.
  • If you are creating a page to fight back someone it is unacceptable.
  • No wiki ads to join only if your the helper of the wiki.
  • No bullying.