This channel used to be awesome especially Spongebob but now it is a terrible network with unneeded reality shows like The Haunted Halfaways they copied off Wizards of Wavorly Place and especially that dum show there airing Rabbids and Monsters vs Aliens is total crap the movie was great but Not the show now it is a dumb show they even made it worser...Power Rangers megaforce is boring but samurai was worser, glad it is canceled >:D But put the freaking reality shows in Disney Channel now Disney Channel is invaded with dumb reality shows so i put it there if i was them...I mean i LOVE Spongebob but don't aire the same episodes. And the horrible Nick Studio 10 it is stupid it always pause the favorite part of my favorite shows D:< I feel like beating the crap out of them....Glad it is closed down >:D 


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The left nick is better.