I loved this show until Paul idiot took over >:O These are my opinions from each season I'll make it a table.

Season 1 9/10
Season 2  9/10
Season 3 10/10 EVERYTHING!!!
Season 4 7/10
Season 5 5/10
Season 6 1/10
Season 7 0/10
Season 8 8/10
Season 9 So far 7/10.....
This show was awesome til 2004 now its garbage crap all over.

This show was good in the first 4 seasons. Died 5, 6. And is now good agin in 7, 8, 9.

Longest Nicktoon, must mean something.

Ok, lol on Season 7! Season 7 was terrible! -GRIMMSTER28

SpongeBob Gang

SpongeBob Gang

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